When your metal fabrication has to be done right and on time the first time

About Augur Metal Products

Augur Metal Products offers capacity through 3/4" in mild steel with the addition of a 3000 watt Trumpf laser. Augur turns sheets, strips, plates and bars of metal into finished parts. We shear, cut, punch, form and weld. We assemble parts into products. We heat treat, finish, paint and plate as required. Finally we ship on time and packaged as specified, to the client destination.

Based on client estimates of annual usage, manufacturing and stocking programs can be devised which result in economies which are, in turn, passed along to the client. Part of the economy of working with our customers' annual usage estimates is the larger product runs which they often allow. Augur works with customers towards reducing costs this way, stocking parts for long term availability and quick shipment from stock at Augur based on customer releases.